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If you would like to receive Botox for depression, please be aware that it is currently not FDA approved for this use, and is being used "off-label."  As such it is not yet covered by insurance and is considered a "cosmetic procedure." 

The cosmetic effects of Botox last between 2-4 months.  In research trials, the antidepressant effects lasted up to 6 months, but future trials are needed to determine both efficacy and duration of effect.  

The "depression dose" used in research trials was 29-40 units.  Current research trials are also investigating higher doses.  Your dose will be individualized to your specific needs, but will likely be between 30-50 units.  The cost will therefore be between $400-600 dollars, depending upon the amount of Botox administered.  $400 deposit is due at the time of booking, and any additional cost will be collected at your appointment after discussion of treatment.

If you are interested in receiving Botox, please call us at 512-296-2392