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Initial Consultation 1 Hour  $300 

Follow Up 15 min. $100 /Follow Up 30 min. $200

Phone Consultation $100

​ADHD Screening $300

GeneSight Testing Appointment 15 min. $100​​

Insurance Not Accepted

​Ages 15+ Only 

 Deborah Sant'anna. Robin Han. Stephanie Dang..

(accepting new patients) 

(Dr. Bening's existing clients can book with Debbie, Robin or Stephanie due to Dr. B's reduced availability)

The providers at Happy Mental Wellness Center offer psychiatric services for adults and adolescents. Frequently presenting problems include depression, anxiety, relational issues, adjustment disorders, bipolar disorders, substance abuse issues and more.  Initial evaluation involves a full assessment of a person's mental, social and psychological functioning, then collaboratively developing goals for treatment and discussion of various treatment options.  Follow up appointments allow your provider to monitor prescribed medications for effectiveness and tolerance, as well as discuss any concerns a client may have.  Phone consultations are offered in lieu of in-office follow up visits (if necessary) due to time and work constraints, however all controlled substances REQUIRE an in office visit.  Please be sure to follow up with your usual provider when possible. 

We enforce a strict no-show policy; if cancellations are not made 48 business hours in advance (by calling or texting our coordinator, Dee, at 956-451-8237, we cannot issue a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you miss your appointment you will need to book again online at the regular price as soon as possible. We have providers available Monday-Saturday for your convenience, but recommend that you book with your usual provider for continuity of care.

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