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The 7 Habits are classic and timeless. These help improve EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, HABIT FORMATION AND INTUITION

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Rick, Jefferson and Bob : PEARLS of WISDOM in an otherwise confusing Christian culture

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MUSE: meditation and neurofeedback. One of the most advanced tools on the market

Dr. Bening's Favorite Books, Gadgets and Supplements

BOSE: Nature sounds sleep buds: high quality, perfect fit, soothing sounds. And the PERFECT GIFT for the person who has it all.

What You Are Fueling Your Body with MATTERS!  The health of our neurotransmitters are DIRECTLY influenced by vitamins and nutrients we ingest throughout the day.  By changing your diet you can notice IMMEDIATE shifts in mood, energy, and anxiety.  Read on for more...

Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Meditation Speakers

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Designing Your Life-One of THE BEST reads for high school and college students!!

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Small light box for depression

The Perfect Solution Focused Guide